Our goal is to help people lean into the idea of cancelled plans: To slow down, stay home, and unwind.

We launched Cancelled Plans in the Fall of 2019 (lol ironic timing, right?). From a griddle on our kitchen counter in Seattle, Washington, we started our journey hand-crafting candles by experimenting with various wax blends and scents. After months of trial and error, hundreds of pours, and countless iterations, we finally landed on the perfect blend of coconut and apricot waxes paired with elegant, high-end scent profiles that reflect the moods and feelings of casual luxury we want our candles to evoke.

Having our plans cancelled and getting a few unexpected hours to enjoy at home was always something we’ve had an appreciation for, but the events of 2020 made cancelled plans something we can all collectively relate to. Even after the loss of so many events for 2 years, the thrill of cancelled plans and a night in is still something we crave. 


    Our candles are clean-burning, made from a vegan, natural blend of coconut and apricot wax. We use lead-free, cotton wicks, and all of our scents are free of phthalates, parabens, carcinogens, and never tested on animals. 


    Candles are hand-poured, hand-labeled, and hand-boxed by our small team in Seattle,WA. You could say they are a labor of love. 


    Our goal was to build a highly intentional business focused on our passion for beautiful things using a strategic, brand-first approach. What started as an idea became a reality when we solidified our vision for the brand: To create tasteful, high-quality candles that evoke emotion-driven experiences—which you’ll notice in our candle names and unique scent profiles.

2022 Line Sheet